8—Men’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2014

7—Womens Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2014 



THIS year’s T10 Cricket World Cup raised a fantastic amount of money to help renovate a school overseas. Salma’s husband, Sohail Mughal, is head-teacher for the Read Foundation School in Pakistan. The couple organised the cricket event in Birmingham last month to raise much needed funds for the project. A fabulous £8,000 was gathered in donations with an extra £650 in teachers’ bonuses, and Salma had the pleasure of flying over to visit the school straight after the men’s and women’s cricket tournament. Salma enjoyed observing teachers conducting lessons to six classes with over 25 children per classroom. Led by principal Sohail, Salma realised how much work is required in this school. There are cramped rooms, only benches to sit on and minimum teaching equipment available. Salma said: “The children have great potential – they aspire to become doctors, lawyers and even pilots! We need to help them realise their dreams by creating the right learning environment. “We can’t wait to get the renovation project started and hope to see a better future for these children. “We found four labour children who were taken in. Some as young as six years old were found working in hotels and washing dishes. “Lives have been changed but more is yet to be done. Once certain children reach a certain age they stop going to school which we need to prevent and this can only be achieved if we can keep this local school and provide better facilities. “Once all is finalised the school will take up to five months to be rebuilt and both Sohail and I will continue to create more and more funding so each year the school meets its targets and most importantly continue to provide vital education for the children. “We’ve loved the feedback from the cricket tournament and will always aim to go one better. “Bring on next year and bring on bigger and better records still yet to set!” Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. #BoomBoom

MAD Productions had previously successfully hosted five national fund-raising events.
However, MAD Productions’ spin-off organisation Sporting Pathways’ co-founder Salma Bi decided to put a twist in the tale this Spring!
Inspired by the promotion of the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup, award-winning cricketer Salma decided to challenge herself once again.
Having hosted two T10 Indoor World Cup cricket tournaments already for ladies, Salma decided to not only stage a third such event, but also host a Men’s tournament alongside the Women’s.
So on April 5 and 6 Salma organised her sixth and seventh events back-to-back with a family fun day weekend.
As initial steps began on planning, Sporting Pathways decided to raise money to renovate a school in Pakistan.
Sohail Mughal, head teacher for Read Foundation School, decided this would be life-changing to provide for a less fortunate school which provides education for orphaned children.
Both Salma and Sohail agreed however big or small the donation is dedicated for the school to create better facilities or to provide equipment.
The build up began with plenty of PR work which involved guesting on the Saima Ajram Show-BBC Asian Network, attending Muslim Women’s Network International Women’s Day Talk, Muslimah Role Models as well as advertising on Unity FM and running a Sports Relief coaching day.
Sporting Pathways have so far set an excellent record of providing opportunities to all abilities in participation into sports.
With this mind set the theme was great just before the cricket season commences and whilst both men’s and women’s T20 World Cup Tournaments were taking place in Bangladesh, it was a perfect time to get more people into cricket and achieve new goals in life.
It was a privilege for Salma as she was given the opportunity to deliver a talk at the Sports Marketing Network Conference, which helped Sporting Pathways to get involved in other projects and to share more of what the company delivers.
A feature in the Birmingham Mail and an Islam Channel feature of Sporting Pathways previous World DodgeBall event created some hype and attracted new audience, setting a #GameFace Trailer with a BoomBoom Bat. Sporting Pathways always enjoy taking a more comical approach to the events.
Missing out on a invite to Lord’s for the Asian Cricket Awards, this was something Salma would’ve loved to attend, however with the concept of looking for new talent and raising profiles it was a perfect goal for participants attending the event.
Six weeks of planning and delegating workload was a steady journey.
The Read Foundation aimed to attract a younger crowd, hence marketing for a family fun day, whilst Sporting Pathways attracted not only the usual suspects but on a bigger scale new players and male teams.
Saturday, April 5, saw 27 females take part in the Women’s T10 World Cup. As always it’s a pleasure to see players travel down to the event.
Players arrived as far as from London, Yorkshire, Walsall and Wales.
Overall winners were Australia who finished with a 100% record and were deserving champions for the second year in a row.
Sunday, April 6, catered for 24 men participating in a Mad Productions event and ready to make history!
Being a first of its kind, there was always a risk of who will attend and who will be up for the challenge?
Having only three teams on the day, it became almost a Tri-Series which worked out perfect! Travelling from Cardiff, West Indies T10 emerged as winners with a 100% record.
Overall another successful weekend, two back-to-back events which not only made history but raised a reasonable amount for the school.
It’s a challenge to get people away from the television to get involved but it’s a must to keep active too.
Sporting Pathways brings not only a community together but creates a path for each participant that attends.
Players either walk away with experience, new friends or a medallion they once thought they would never get the opportunity to achieve.
We don’t rule anyone out and cater for all, we are grateful for the continued support!
Special thank you’s too….
The Read Foundation Team and Volunteers
Ex-England player Suzanne Redfern
Sheikh Hameed, Security and boys for stepping into play to fill the gaps
Also thank you to umpires, stall holders & spectators but most importantly thank you to YOU for not only participating but believing you can compete & achieve new goals in life!
We’ve loved the feedback & will always aim to go one better.
Bring on next year and bring on bigger and better records still yet to set! #BoomBoom




ARCTIC WHALES were crowned champions of the second annual Women’s World Dodge Ball event in Birmingham on January 25. Hosted by Sporting Pathways, last year’s winners European Mammoths were back to defend their title, but on this occasion the trophy changed hands. With five fund-raising events already hosted by Sporting Pathways, it was back to business again with Dodgeball, a sport particularly big in the United States which involves players on two teams trying to throw large balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves. Main organiser, award-winning sportswoman Salma Bi, said: “We were delighted to greet teams from Manchester, London, Wales and Yorkshire, as well as the European Mammoths all the way from Brighton.

“Natasha Perry led the team to victory and deserved the title for all day they showed charisma and team work.

Five teams made their way to the Futsal Arena in Birmingham. Last year’s players and new faces alike were welcomed to join in a wonderful sporting experience.  TEAMS ENTERED: AMERICAN CAYOTES: Tina Lakeru, Meherun Begum, Chantel Hunter, Shareen Rahim, Sara Kazi and Tehzeen Sadiq. ASIAN COBRAS: Dilara Begum, Saddiqa Shan, Aisha Bi, Jade Lapthorne, Berni Mulcahy and Salma Bi. ARCTIC WHALES: Bethany Poppleton, Nicky Preston, Raniesha Ambersely, Mina Zahoor, Simran Panesar and Illy Oulkadi. EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS: Lucy Harper, Anna Burgoyne, Becky Scott, Jo Rawlinson, Kirsty Lawie and Eva Ramsay. AFRICAN MEERKATS: Hayley Shaddick, Tasha Beck, Rachel Bird, Shirley Finucane, Sue Benson and Nicola Campbell. The atmosphere was alive and kicking, with referees aware of all rules, admin desk in preparation and teams raring to go to claim the title! A short presentation started with Salma highlighting the rules and cause benefiting from the day, which was support for victims of Acid Attacks. Food and supplements  wereavailable throughout the day and a bouncy castle for the ones to ease the adrenaline. Islam Channel and DigiCreations were on site filming and taking all action shots, Captains took their places in the presentation for photographs and then each with own teams. All games were played with high intensity per 10 minutes each. The final play offs and semis were based on ‘Sudden Death’ matches which was newly introduced this year. The tournament begun involving 30 players, 25 games, 4 Sudden Deaths, 2 semi-finals, 1 final and the eventual new #WORLDDODGEBALL2014 Winners #ARCTICWHALES  RESULTS Round 1 ARCTIC WHALES 3 AMERICAN CAYOTES 0; AFRICAN MEERKATS 0 ASIAN COBRAS 2 Round 2 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 1 AFRICAN MEERKATS 1 (EU WON ON STRIKES); ASIAN COBRAS 0 ARCTIC WHALES 3 Round 3 AMERICAN CAYOTES 0 ASIAN COBRAS 3 ; ARCTIC WHALES 2 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 1 Round 4 AFRICAN MEERKATS 0 ARCTIC WHALES 3; EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 3 AMERICAN CAYOTES 0 Round 5 ASIAN COBRAS 0 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 3; AMERICAN CAYOTES 0 AFRICAN MEERKATS 4 Round 6 AMERICAN CAYOTES 1 ARCTIC WHALES 2; ASIAN COBRAS 2 AFRICAN MEERKATS 1 Round 7 AFRICAN MEERKATS 0 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 3; ARCTIC WHALES 3 ASIAN COBRAS 0 Round 8 ASIAN COBRAS 3 AMERICAN CAYOTES 1; EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 0 ARCTIC WHALES 3 Round 9 ARCTIC WHALES 1 AFRICAN MEERKATS 1 (AW WON ON STRIKES); AMERICAN CAYOTES 1 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 3 Round 10 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 3 ASIAN COBRAS 0; AFRICAN MEERKATS 1 AMERICAN CAYOTES 2 Points for Play-Offs 1st ARCTIC WHALES 8 POINTS 2nd EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 6 POINTS 3rd ASIAN COBRAS 4 POINTS 4th and 5th AFRICAN MEERKATS AND AMERICAN CAYOTES 1 POINT EACH Play off 4th Place Sudden Death: AMERICAN CAYOTES BEAT AFRICAN MEERKATS to secure there place in the Semi-Finals   Semi-Finals Sudden Death EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS VS ASIAN COBRAS Asian Cobras looked immense playing in the semis making a dream start eliminating 3 opponents in no time, The Cobras lost only player whilst the Mammoths were five down!! Only one more step away from the final but heroic efforts by Mammoths player KIRSTY LAWIE caused the Cobras trouble. She not only managed to eliminate two more Cobras but also take a catch achieving a team-mate back into play. Before anything else was possible the Mammoths demolished the Cobras making an amazing comeback, spectators were in shock! Sudden Death ARCTIC WHALES VS AMERICAN CAYOTES The Coyotes spend most of match time far away from the centre line, teasing opponents to edge forward and risk it all. However, their luck soon ran out against the Whales who made it easy work of winning the sudden death match.  Hats off to the Coyotes who made progress from last year’s stats. The American Coyotes not only got into semis but also bagged another match this time up against Asian Cobras for the 3rd Place Play off. Asian Cobras won and took third place. FINAL ARCTIC WHALES 1 EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS 0 A 10-minute thriller, two deserving teams made it into the final. From playing each team twice, to sudden deaths and semis it come down to another gruelling 1- minute match. Spectators and other teams looked on as both sides took their laces for the opening rush only awaiting on the referee’s whistle to blow. Arctic Whales lost two players very early on, with former champions Mammoths taking no victims looking lethal. However, the game wasn’t as predictable as we thought. As each team mate was out and eliminated only two captains remained Bethany Poppleton vs. Lucy Harper. This was a good contest asonly they knew what it is like taking leadership and carrying the team to victory. With two minutes still remaining Lucy was eliminated, The Whales got themselves a point. Restarting once again the Mammoths battled hard to win back a point, whilst the Whales kept calm not taking any risks crowned themselves the New Title Winners!! Presentation What a Day! What a Final ! Perfect play and some superb results, many not as expected, Teams were more competitive this year which made it even more worthwhile playing. Some highlights throughout the day….. NICOLA BROWN – African Meerkats player too cool for school. On attempt of running backwards fell over and was then attacked and of course eliminated. SUE BENSON – Took on the Arctic Whales on a one-man mission and eliminated the opponents, however on the second set of play the Arctic Whales wasted no time and eliminated her within seconds! SADDIQA SHAN – A double team throttle as Salma tossed the ball up to find Saddiqa catch the ball and eliminate remaining player SARA KAZI in the American Coyotes team. HAYLEY SHADDICK – Only captain to gain four sets in a game against American Coyotes but they still finished fofth! KIRSTY LAWIE Player of the Event – For not only being the last man standing but to eliminate at least four Cobras at the semi-finals, regaining a place in the final and finishing second overall. Medals, Certificates and Trophies were presented to each team with captains leading. 5th Place AFRICAN MEERKATS A brave team which took the most risks and weren’t afraid of a Live Brawl on the pitch. PRIZE WINNER: SHIRLEY FINUCANE 4th Place AMERICAN COYOTES The night watchmen who seemed less agile but enjoyed making into the semis PRIZE WINNER: SARA KAZI 3rd Place ASIAN COBRAS Pure entertainment with trick shots and slides they celebrated each elimination as if they already won?! PRIZE WINNER: SADDIQA SHAN 2nd Place EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS Ruthless and tactical. Reigning champions were hungry for the title which slowly slipped away PRIZE WINNER: KIRSTY LAWIE 1st Place ARCTIC WHALES A composed and athletic team look well equipped to battle hard for the Championship. PRIZE WINNER: NICKY PRESTON Special thanks to Farzana Hussain, Sajid Mahmood, Naem, Reuben and media partners for supporting Sporting Pathways on the day and special thanks to each individual who not only participated, volunteered, supported but help raised funds for a good cause. A final speech by ARCTIC WHALES winning captain Bethany Poppleton   “I had high expectations of the day, not only the great competition but the atmosphere and great cause it was supporting. However, I had no doubt that due to us losing out in the finals last year, we were not only going to make the same mistake twice but this time claim the Trophy. “The event for us started the same way as it ended, we won every match and only dropped two points throughout the whole day. “The consistency of Nicky Preston’s catching and the accuracy of Simran Panesar’s aim were great assets to our team’s performance. The day did what was expected and that was to strive and victory came to us, I was very happy that I was able to captain the side to a great victory and we look forward to defending the title next year!” #YouStillGotGame Tribute video to follow and the Sporting Pathways team look forward to bringing you even bigger and better events in the future! We’ve loved all the feedback received and we can’t wait to create more opportunities for Women in Sport and set new and bigger records!





















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