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HERE is The Asian Today two-page Lifestyle interview with Salma published this week.
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Meet Salma Bi.
Nurse. Cricketer. Wife. A woman who has achieved more than an average woman may achieve in her entire life combined. The Asian Today sat down with the athlete to talk about her recent nuptials, coaching and her long list of accomplishments.
  • Tell me about yourself.
I’m a very calm person, I make time for others and I love my Philosophy. I have witnessed a lot in my life and with close ones taken away from me at such an early age, I’ve learned time waits for no-one. My job reminds me about life and death each day, I appreciate everything done for me and around me. I know everything you want only you can achieve it by working for it, it won’t come to you. I’m open to criticism and once I’ve committed to doing something I will go on to completing it no matter what the obstacles were.
  • What made you pick cricket over other sport?
I began playing cricket aged 10 alongside my brothers and father.
The sport has influenced many Asian families and at the time of the World Cup being showcased I was only ever going to pick it up and implement the art. Watching one of my role-models Shane Warne, I, over time mastered the off-spin using her unique unorthodox spin. At secondary school I was captain of my team which got me recognised for county trials. Because I was not playing for a club, Warwickshire did not select me, even after many years of trials.
  • How was it explaining the news, about cricket, to your parents?
We played a lot of cricket in the back garden, which was especially designed to play such a sport. My family knew I was captain at school and was put forward for talented players and County but it only hit them when I was committing myself outside school hours and travelling to different grounds each week. At first it was difficult but my elder siblings did support it. My Dad coming from a sporting background encouraged it a lot more when I was bringing home medals and trophies.
I have been described as “a young, talented and creative” and have said to have caused a quite a stir. I have been up against many barriers being Muslim – fitting in, not having the facility to practise and starting at a older age, but I has no regrets. Everything happens when you’re ready at the right time.
  • You play cricket for Worcestershire County; how did that feel like?
This was a life changing moment for me, Something that has not yet been achieved and here I am who has done the unheard of, I’ve not looked back since I’m so proud about how I’ve come and yet I feel there is still more to reach!
At the aged 22, I made history by trialing for Worcestershire County Cricket Club and went on to become the first, and to date only, Asian Muslim female to represent the county in their long history. Now a regular, I have become a key player in a team full of talent and have helped push Worcestershire towards the Division Two County Championship. Last season I was third highest wicket-taker in the club – the top two were men because they played a few extra games. I have taken over 170 wickets in the last five years of playing cricket and have no intention of stopping yet. My bowling is watched by many and I don’t think I have witnessed anyone who can bowl just like me!
  • Professionally, you are a nurse, how do you divide your time?
I’m a Qualified Renal Adult Nurse working full-time which requires me to work long 12 hour shifts and 38 hours per week. I use my time wisely; I work throughout Sept to April involving indoor cricket games and County training and then take more time out using annual leave to save for my Eventful cricket season from April to August.
  • Why did you choose nursing?
At college I studied Law a Legal Executive Diploma but I always had the passion for caring and being challenged. My dream was to work in a Hospital, losing my mother aged 9 I felt this urge to make myself something valuable to the society. I felt she would be proud if I came back to the community and progressed in life. I love my job it gives me a lot of respect, I can gain that trust with my patients but most importantly it’s the reality of life and reminds me that I should quit complaining and that I am so much fortunate then some of these patients here. Nursing requires a lot of patience which I have and along with the desire to do more in life by taking my skills further and to work abroad. 
  • You have won countless awards for your community programmes; what type of projects have you been involved in?
Roles and Achievements of Salma Bi · Warwickshire Level 1 Umpire · Warwickshire Level 2+ Coach · Worcestershire County Cricket Club Senior Women’s Squad Player · Marylebone Cricket Club Representative Player · Five Ways Old Edwardians Cricket Club Women’s & Men’s 3rds Player · Wall Cricket Club Men’s Squad Player · Tamworth Ladies Cricket Squad Player · Hawarden Park Cricket Club Squad Player · Great White Sharks Futsal Team Captain & Goalkeeper · Fiveways Zombies Indoor Cricket Captain · Birch Coppice Football Club player :Football Futures Goal Keeper :Sutton Coldfield Reserves Football Club Player · British-Asian Sports Awards 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award Winner · Asian Women of Achievement inaugural Sports Award Winner 2012 · British-Asian Sports Award 2010 Coach of the Year Runner-up · Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation Ambassador Awards Runner-up 2012 · OSCA’s Nat west Volunteer of the Year Award 2012 Building Partnerships Winner  :Bradford’s Inspirational Women’s Awards 2013 Nominee · Heamodialysis Renal Adult Nursing · Believe In MAD |Making A Difference| Founder · Sporting Pathways Co-Founder (Community Interest Company) :Muslim Sports Association ambassador · Hosted First Ever Women Futsal Marathon 10-Hour Record 2012 · Hosted Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2012 · Hosted Women’s Futsal Marathon 20-Hour Record 2012  :Hosted World Dodge Ball 2013  : Hosted Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2013  
  • You have also been involved in cricket coaching and futsal; how successful have these sessions been?
Cricket Coaching is important to me, when I first began playing cricket I was given no coaching all learned by observation and constant practice. During County Season I utilised all coaches whether there was club, Australian/South African/Pakistani, male or female I took something from each session and improved on my ability and technique.
I myself am now a Club Coach Level 2+ encouraging and nurturing the younger generation to begin cricket, assisting with district and county girls I run sessions at a state of the art Indoor Cricket Centre in Birmingham providing them one-to-one sessions or fitness regimes. With futsal the girls have come a long way, improving each season as a team and taking on bigger and better challenges. Each game is played with so much intensity; the girls can look back on each game report which is played every Wednesday Night. All blogs are updated on
Out of everything that you achieved, what was the most memorable?
I’ve made many memories over time; I prefer playing the cricket performing then observing or attending Award Functions. Season 2013 was my best season so far beating my record of taking career best wickets, playing at Lords vs. Japan women and hitting a 6 in a men’s match.
In 2012, I made an appearance for a T20 side and hit a best 34 not out in five overs with non-stop fours and sixes. I finished with a career best figure of 5-13 off four overs for North Wales club Hawarden Park’s T20 team. Also in 2012, I took four wickets for Worcestershire for the first time. Sometimes all it takes is to get a little boost and the whole team will gain confidence.
  • What is an average day in your life like?
I live a very busy life but I don’t know any better! I have a high adrenaline consumption which requires me to stay on the move to use up all the restored energy. I wake up by 6am to get to my daily job for 7am which won’t finish until 7.30pm just after around 8pm I either have a Futsal Match, Football/Cricket Training to go to which means I finish my day by 10pm and it could start all over again. On a day off it could be cricket season arriving at a ground for 12pm for warm-up game of 50overs match which may not finish until 7pm. Everyday in my life is different and I love that, I learn something new everyday. I try to work that harder the next day to come.
  •  Aside from cricket; what hobbies do you have?
When given the time I enjoy my own time so I’ll hit the gym, a bit of basketball or squash, see what’s on at the local sports centre on the day or take it easy cook something up spend quality time with family and watch movies.
  • Who is your sporting hero?
I grew up watching Shane Warne play on TV representing Australia at the World Cup, He for me turn heads and brought something so unique to cricket it inspired me to mirror the same unorthodox off-spin technique. As for the recent years following women’s cricket captain and fellow friend Charlotte Edwards is a role model to me, a player who bats exceptionally well and who has brought England Women to new Light.
  • You recently got married; do you intend to keep playing and coaching?
I grew up being asked “Are your parents okay with you playing cricket?” and it was fine especially when my Dad proudly told family and friends what I do. It’s a common question I keep being asked, I have so much respect for Sohail Mughal, my husband. We’ve married each other by accepting each other and that’s the most important part about love, you love someone for who they are. I have a lot of respect for my husband, we share such great understanding, he amazes me sometimes with his way of thinking, as we are so alike and strive to reach the same goals in life.
We intend to be a couple who will go on to inspire more and more youngsters to get into sports and take up a good career. Sohail is not only a Fitness Instructor but a model, teacher and completing his Masters. My wedding gift was a Custom designed BOOMBOOM Cricket Bat; it only now motivates me to play even more and make him proud and hopefully one day InshAllah our children will need to know what their parents did in their time. You might witness both Mr and Mrs playing in the same match, which sure will be one top competition. We will go on to encourage each other to do more rather than feel it should stop. Sports is not forbidden its just not promoted enough when women play but we are changing this everyday and what better soul mate to have who wants the same for himself and you.





SPORTING TEAMS: The Great White Sharks Futsal Team Birch Coppice Football Team Football Futures Football Team Solihull Rangers Football Team West Bromwich Albion Football Team Hawarden Park Cricket Club EDUCATION: 4 A’s 3 B’s and 2 C’s GCSE Level A/S Level Law Psychology and English Literature Level 2 Sports Leadership Award Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze & Silver Award Junior Football Organisers WHO IS SHE? Aisha Bi is younger sister to Salma Bi – they inspire one another. The force behind all the work that is presented by The Company, Aisha is a crucial part to the team. She is also known as the adrenaline junkie, never afraid to try new things and loves theme parks. She brings the ideas forward and criticises the work before its announced. Aisha has such a wild interest in animals she named the Futsal Team The Great White Sharks. Aisha loves reading and learning about what’s going on in the sporting world and heard about the Futsal World Record which Inspired Salma to host the next five events all hosted alongside Aisha! AISHA’S TEAM PARTICIPATION FirstEver Futsal 10 Hours Women’s Marathon – TEAM RED Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup – TEAM AUSTRALIA Women’s 20 Hours Futsal Marathon – TEAM LIME/JESS Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup – TEAM AUSTRALIA WINNERS Women’s World Dodge Ball 2013 – TEAM ASIAN COBRAS THE FUTURE Born on April 15, 1995, Aisha is 5’9 of strong build, she loves all sports and has a great passion for greyhounds. Her future aspirations are working for the police force and running her own personal training gymnasium. Aisha is looking forward to the year ahead, following in the footsteps of her sister Salma. Aisha knows she has her own path to create and when the moment is right she will set even bigger and better records!Twitter @Aisha_Bi


Season 2013

Another season complete and another few records set, a promising and Award Winner Cricketer Salma began in her usual self representing

Five ways Old Edwardians Women’s Cricket Club

Five ways Old Edwardians 3rds Men’s Team

Worcestershire County Cricket

Marylebone Cricket Club

Hawarden Park Cricket Club


An all-round performance with Bowling figures Bowling 204 Overs 49 Maidens Taking 44 Wickets in total. Salma not only took A 5 Wicket Haul vs. Wolverhampton but also finished with Best Bowling Averages too.

Leading wicket Taker in the Women’s Midland Leagues with 24 Wickets (88 Career) and Runner-up in her Club Teams with 39 Wickets (224 Career Wickets since 2005).


Given the opportunity to play at Lords Salma represented MCC Women vs. Japan a Tour game which will always bring back memories, playing alongside Ebony Rains-ford and Caroline Atkins under the captaincy of Number 1 Batswoman Clare Taylor.


Salma’s batting did a lot of talking this season too, playing for Men’s 3rds  Salma kept a cool facing an opening bowler moving the ball around and sending in the occasional bouncers only to find, Salma is not one to play safe and sent the ball back for 6! Playing in a T20’s Women’s final match Salma was sent in to open hitting 15Runs off the first over followed by back to back boundaries and gaining a free hit.


6th May 2013 Salma appeared on TV Live on Islam Channel for a talk show highlighting her struggles and achievements to date. Answering questions such as how she juggles life as a Nurse and a Sports Star. Captaining her mid-week Futsal Team Great White Sharks and running coaching sessions at the S&S Indoor Cricket Centre in Birmingham.


A regular Pundit Salma had the privilege of meeting and watching Live ICC Champions Trophy Matches as well as covering the Phone in Commentary Live on BBC Asian Network. Whilst enjoying her time in the limelight Salma was invited to Bowl to the England Women in preparation for the Ashes, turning up as the only no international player, bowling 3 hours straight and raising some eyebrows the coaches did nothing but applaud Salma’s Bowling ability and didn’t miss out on the chance to film the session. Salma later that week went down to support Pakistan play Ireland at Moseley Cricket Club not knowing in the interval She was called up to show off more of her bowling skills in front of the Pakistan Coach.


During this Summer Salma has concentrated more on her cricket Season and less on the Sporting Pathways Events; however this doesn’t mean she is short of helping others. Project ‘Get Her in The Game’ Salma introduced us to Birmingham’s Football Sensation Saddiqa Shan a 21 Premiership Footballer who hit the headlines after being shortlisted for the Asian Achievers Awards – Sports Personality of the Year 2013 and yet to come Asian Football Awards 2013 – Woman in Football Award 2013. #BelieveTheHype YouTube Video Raising profiles of sporting pathways Ambassadors.


Recently what can to a delightful surprise to Salma was when she got the call on her Finalist News at the first ever Birmingham Sports Awards 2013 which took place Thursday 19th September at Edgbaston, Salma was honoured to go up on stage to receive the Finalist award for all Contributions to Sports presented by Ian Bell MBE for Sports Woman of the Year alongside World Triathlon Champion Jodie Stimpson and Paralympic Tennis Player Jordanne Whiley.

Another eventful Season, Salma knows she has nothing to prove. Achieving such great limits Salma is grateful for all that she has worked hard for, A England call-up may come but if not Salma knows she has enough under her belt to say she has set the standards for the younger generation to follow, she has now set a legacy and can only hope if she is to do something next it will be nothing but Bigger and Better! Salma looks forward to taking on a new team which she will introduce at the Men’s Wall Cricket Club and looks forward to leading her Indoor Five Ways Zombies Cricket Team and did we forget she has not long signed up for Solihull Football Team alongside her younger sister Aisha Bi!!!


October 2012

Another Exciting Month! No matter whats gone on under the surface Salma enjoyed her time at Her Dream Ground Lords this time Celebrating her Win for the Oscar’s – Outstanding Sports Contribution Awards to Cricket. Representing her County Worcestershire. In the Building Partnership Category, alongside her Fellow Captain Katie Blunt.The Event was enjoyed with a 3 Meal Course,Nat west Awards & Meeting world Class Players such as Charlotte Edwards,Clare Connor & Andrew Strauss.

During This month Salma has also become a face for the Young generation. Approached by Filming Directors for Hamza Productions Project. Salma has filmed in a Comedy Sketch and a interview alongside Hamza who plays Diary of A Badman.