Birmingham Futsal League


The Women’s League is run by Technical Manager Gemma Smith.

Over 18 Teams in 3 Divisions play every Wednesday Night

Division 1 League

Champions League

Premiership League

kick-offs 7.00pm 7.45pm or 8.30pm All Year round Games

Season lasts upto 4 Months

Play at Europes largest Indoor Futsal Arena, State of the art facility with Women’s Only Areas provided.

Looking for Players and Teams to join up call 0121 554 3296



Dee scored a cracker

Great White Sharks 2 (Vicky, Dee) Bayern Neverlusen 4 Birmingham Ladies Futsal League – May 21, 2014
FIRST of all something amazing happened tonight. ALL four scheduled league matches were played – surely a first! Perhaps there is hope for this league yet as so often apathy from some teams has spoiled it. The Great White Sharks never miss a match and tonight they continued their good start to the season in a 4-2 defeat against last season’s runners-up Bayern Neverlusen. Neverlusen are a free-scoring side, but GWS restricted them to four goals. And what’s more, the Sharks were level at 2-2 with two minutes to go, only for there to be a sting in the tail. Defensively, Sharks look much more solid though. If they can make themselves hard to beat that is half the battle. Sharks can build from there and set about building up the wins. Tonight was a very good game. Bayern led just 1-0 at half time and in the second half the Sharks stepped up a gear. RoadRunner smashed in the Sharks’ first, a few minutes later Bayern made it 2-1, but then Dee found a loose ball on the counter attack and smashed her shot in for 2-2. Pushing throughout the game, Aisha and Hameeda held possession well. In the final two minutes it remained 2-2, but then Bayern scored from a corner and from the kick-off added another with a good finish. Captain Salma said: “Overall a strong, well-balanced match – just a unsteady finish. Good game tonight! “Held a solid 2-2 with a good strong battle, but it’s a 40-minute match not a 38 minute game so switch on till the final whistle. “Lesson tonight…battle till the end and accept the ref is a witch against our tackles?! “Fair game, keep doing the business, the good results will come.”




May 21, 2014 Real Noidea 9 Ladies 1 Vacancy 4 Under Estimated 13 Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies 3 Bilbrook 8 Stone Army 4 Bayern Neverlusen 4 Great White Sharks 2
TABLE (after two matches) 1 Under Estimated P 2 PTS 6 2 Real Noidea 2-4 3 Bayern Neverlusen 2-4 4 Bilbrook 2-3 5 Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies 2-3 6 Stone Army 2-1 7 Ladies 1 Vacancy 2-1 8 Great White Sharks 2-0
Fixtures May 28, 2014 7pm Bilbrook v Bayern Neverlusen 7pm Under Estimated v Real Noidea 7.45pm Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies v Stone Army 8.30pm Great White Sharks v Ladies 1 Vacancy


Tuesday, May 20, 2014



UNDER ESTIMATED 8 GREAT WHITE SHARKS 4 (Vicky 3, Aisha) BIRMINGHAM LADIES FUTSAL LEAGUE MAY 14, 2014 NEW season, new kit, new attitude. The Sharks lined up: Salma, Vicky, Aisha, Dee and Hameeda for the first game of the latest season in the Birmingham Ladies Futsal League. The focus was to man mark and apply the basics. Aisha got the ball rolling by scoring to establish 1-0 a lead lasting 10 minutes before UE found the net twice. Vicky then won a penalty and made no mistake, scoring to make it 2-2. Under Estimated hit back with two more so it was 4-2 at the break. HALF-TIME: 2-4. Sharks felt calm and positive about the performance so far and found they can only go in and work at it. Hameeda stole the ball well off the opponents, Dee was the wall, creating more chances as Aisha and Vicky got the ball down to the target. In the second half, UE did get ahead to a point where it was 7-2. Slight lack of communication gave the possession away far too often. However, as always positivity continues from perseverance and Vicky proved that by netting in two towards the end to complete another hat-trick. Final score 4-8 – new season, decent score and good play throughout. Salma said: “This season we will prove our worth – not settling for third or fourth but with eyes on the prize for gold.”




Results – Wednesday, May 14
Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies 7 Bilbrook 6 Under Estimated 8 Great White Sharks 4 Stone Army 0 Real Noidea 0 Ladies Vacancy 1 0 Bayern Neverlusen 0
Fixtures – Wednesday, May 21 7pm Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies v Under Estimated 7pm Real Noidea v Ladies Vacancy 1 7.45pm Bayern Neverlusen v Great White Sharks 7.45pm Stone Army v Bilbrook


Wednesday, May 7, 2014



GREAT WHITE SHARKS 3 (Vicky 3) BIRMINGHAM FUTSAL CLUBS LADIES 3 NATIONAL WOMENS FUTSAL FA CUP QUALIFYING LEAGUE MAY 7, 2014 SHARKS ended a disappointing season on a real high with a tremendous draw against league champions Birmingham Futsal Club Ladies. This was a night where the Sharks brought a The Sea Force with them! Man marking and solid play, the Sharks stood strong tonight. The team comprised goalkeeper Salma, dual attack Aisha and Vicky and solid as a rock defence of Hameeda and Farzana. Dee and Camilla were unavailable. Sharks defended determinedly, blocking shots, putting their bodies on the line to keep out the leaders. Sharks took the lead from a corner. Vicky passed to Aisha, who passed back to the Roadrunner and her shot was blocked twice by an opponent. However, with perseverance Vicky managed to find the net. Keeping focused, the Sharks applied the same pressure. Bham replied with a great goal, but that did not put the Sharks off their game. Both teams gave as good as they got, fighting hard to create goal-scoring opportunities. On fire tonight was youngster Hameeda, who cut off a brilliant ball from Bham which then deflected off in mid-air on the volley, only to find Farzana, who with excellent control kicked straight to Vicky, who smashed home to make it 2-1. The Prize Winning Goal of the Season was perfectly presented in the final match! Sharks were having fun and finished the first half 2-1 up. HALF-TIME: 2-1. A serious team-talk during the interval concentrated on the importance of not letting the game slip in the second half, as had happened on previous occasions this season. Going in with a mindset of a fresh start, Sharks continued to hunt down their prey. Aisha held the ball well, creating chances and shooting from distance, Farzana and Hameeda, the solid defence, were close-on unbeatable, Salma made more ground and took big hits, saving tricky shots whilst Vicky was the running machine, creating intensity as soon as the ball touched her feet! Sharks kept working hard, however Bham A realised the consequences and pushed on, making a good left-wing pass and scoring a wide right-side goal – 2-2. Sharks continued on with Aisha being the assister once again as Vicky completed her hat-trick with another beauty to make it 3-2 with her 38th goal of the season. The Sharks rattled a few cages but watched the time closely. Bham A had many chances tonight but what frustrated them the most was not being able to get past the GWS defence. However, a quick inter-change of possession enabled the champions to make it 3-3 with nine minutes remaining. Both teams battled on seeking the winner, but the final whistle went with the score 3-3 to smiles all round. During the past four months Sharks had to make many changes, often missing players but not once missing a game all season. Sharks finished on a high and realised that if applying the basics and playing just like they do, second or even first place could be up for grabs. GWS proved how good they are playing this well versus the national qualifying league champions. The Under Sharks of the League know very well how good and dangerous they are! Missing Dee and Camilla tonight but still proud of each individual and performances throughout the season. The belief of achieving remains, maybe not today, but definitely tomorrow. The team has been taught not to give up but to stand up and rise. Salma said: “We are proud of what we are today. I am proud of you all. “Who said next season will be easy? We just said we will make it hard for everyone else to walk after the game ;) #KeepOnBiting