Great White Sharks

International Birmingham Women’s Futsal League Championship



BEFORE we start the 2013 Autumn season let’s take a look back at the Great White Sharks story so far. Sharks first appeared with their very own blog after entering the Birmingham Futsal League for the very first time in December 2011. History was made as GWS became the only Asian team in the league. Since then each season GWS have become stronger and stronger. Featuring girls from all walks of life, this team has created opportunities for great talent. From a few defeats to close games and draws to becoming the underdogs and beating strong teams they thought they could never match….. The Sharks have achieved a tremendous amount, from finishing in fifth place to get to third and even second when performance matters. Led by goalkeeper Salma this is a great time to look back at each individual who has represented the Sharks and believed the team will succeed. A special thank you to each player of the past and the future who wore the colours of a Shark. Since this blog began we have reached over 10,000 hits which is so overwhelming to see. Thanks to: Camilla, Nazma, Nahilla, Anisha, Huda, Hameeda, Zem and Ambreen. As for the Sharks still on board and ready to battle, special thanks to Aisha, Vicky, Becky, Saddiqa, Sarita, Dilara, Jade and Serricha, who look forward to winning this season’s league and bringing home the Champions trophies. The best way to predict the future is to create it. # KeepOnBiting