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This section will be regularly updated with Reports on our Latest Events:

1) First Ever Women’s Futsal Marathon Record 2012

2)  Women’s World Futsal 20 Hours Record 2012

3)  Women’s Indoor Cricket T10 World Cup 2012

4) Women’s World Dodge Ball 2013

5) Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2013

 6) Women’s World Dodge Ball 2014

7) Women’s Indoor T1o Cricket World cup 2014

8) Men’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2014




1) *First Ever Women’s 10 Hours Futsal Marathon Record 2012*10.03.12 10 Hours 9:00-19:00

The First record of its kind, I’m proud to Showpiece an extravagant event on the 10th March 2012 highlighting women’s sport and the impact it has had on my life.

Where it all started- I heard about a marathon record early September 2011 when Brazil Indoor Futsal team set a record, it later was then attempted by Liverpool Futsal team, then Middlesbrough then Japan and so forth. All these attempts where set by Men and played by men so it came across to me that No women’s team ever attempted such a record nowhere in the world.

My team approached Guinness via fast-track to find an answer, within three days we had a response to find if we were to attempt a marathon it was to beat 37 hours no-matter what sex. Believe In M.A.D only believes and aims to do mad things, Something no one has ever attempted and maybe no one else ever will. We provide opportunity to other people to be part of making a Difference by making History.

We decided to go ahead with the event because it is different and it can go to a good cause i.e. Charity. Using the National Autistic Society was close to me because Autism is not curable, working as a Full-time Haemodialysis Nurse looking after patients who may never leave treatment; it is a very difficult and rewarding job to provide. My niece was born with global-neuron which has delayed her speech and mobility but there is hope.

Believe In M.A.D work closely with disability/syndrome organisations by reflecting on how their quality of life and to show appreciation to everyone who accepts them as individuals.

Me and My team played football at leisure centres over the last two years before we heard about futsal at Birmingham. Early October we decided to enter a team called ‘The Great White Sharks’ I was proud to captain the First ever Muslim/Asian team to ever participate in a league for Futsal in Birmingham. This was also there perfect time to launch my organisation; The Girls had sponsored kit with a blog to show our progress and to get followers supporting us. PA Editor Dave Jones is doing a fantastic job by backing the girls and raising our spirits up by writing up reports every night post game. We finished at a good position last season and now in our second season we look forward to working playing hard by beating top teams with a respectable score.

Majority of my girls wear the hijab and are covered in public places for religious reasons, this could have diminished our chances of playing any futsal games but credit goes to Gemma Smith for the hard work and organisation of the suitable facility provided for us.

Working on this project has been fun and demanding at times, the challenges are there as a hurdle, all we have to do is jump over them. Finding players, Funding, Organisation was an issue at times but coming closer to the date of the Event We know we will Pull-off something amazing.

The stage is set to perform on; Our Theme is Celebrating Women’s International Day and this we will do with confidence. It’s the Sporting Year 2012 its time to be part of the games we really enjoy and show the world what is possible.

The Story Now- Over the last 2 weeks press release was sent out, Articles distributed, Radio Interviews and Posters where advertised. We have almost got a sufficient amount of numbers for two teams to participate in. As well as it being a charity event we ensure to make the day enjoyable, exciting and successful.

Two Teams, Two Goal-Keepers, Two Captains: Team Salma (Red) Vs Team Gemma (Blue).

Every Player once registered each player is to get sponsors for charity, this not only gets people giving charity for Autism but also raises the awareness of Futsal as a Sport itself. Spectator’s entry is free and open to all; it’s great grounds for talent being noticed and doing something for the greater of goodness by making a difference. We welcome Ania Machwiecka the Only girl to ever participate in the Liverpool 36 Futsal Marathon, We believe she has talent and has the potential to free-style and represent Poland. Ania is recruiting more girls for Liverpool Futsal Club so let’s hope this Event will help her find more players.

Players, Affiliated officials will be provided with free drinks, food, Medallion and a Certificate as gesture for being part of new record. Also to make it even more fun Every 10th Goal will be prized! Photographer booked, Balloons Ordered and Game on! So We not only set a 10 Hour Record but we also put on a show for the World to remember.

Special Thanks to:Gemma Smith: Rival and Women’s Co-ordinator, Davy Jones: Fundraiser and Reporter, Ania Machowiecka: Special Futsal Record Role-Model, Nasar Ali: Marketing and Promotions, Ikhlaq Hussain: Coach and Referee, Faeeza Vaid: Mwnuk Director and Promotions, Teams: ‘The Great White Sharks’ and ‘Team United Futsal Birmingham Futsal Club’, Nav Signs: Graphic Designers, Sue: Catering, Dave Hayes: Kit Designer, Tony Mottram: Photographer and Ian Winter: BBC Midlands Today

The Build Up

Taking on such a Challenge can be very risky and demanding; If you put yourself to it lets get through it. The Team behind all this were the ones who Made the Difference. Special thanks to Gemma Smith, Dave Jones, Ikhlaq Hussain, Khalid Saddique, Faeeza Vaid, Dave Hayes, Tony Mottram, Nasar Ali, Nav signs, Ania Machowiecka, GreatWhiteSharks and Team United Birmingham. HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

The Event Kicked off with a Promo Video


Team Red – Salma Bi  / Team Blue – Gemma Smith

We Released our T-shirt designs and began the Registering process. During this time we were honoured to welcome Ania Machowiecka – A Polish Female from Liverpool who was the Only girl to Ever to participate in the Liverpool Men’s 36.5 Hours World Record. She was our guest on the day, we was thrilled to have perform on our stage, her feedback was perfect, she loved the whole atmosphere and really enjoyed her time in Birmingham, Showing us her skills, Freestylying and Representing Team Red.

Once teams were announced, 10 Days Pre-Event-Team Salma V Team Gemma went head to head in a ‘Brawl4All’ Fight talk Facebook battle.

Each alternative days Captain had the chance to Rhyme and Challenge the opposing Captain, All other players were invited to join the battle.

Brawl4All Day7MarathonCountdown: My team blue is a game of chess, we make the smartest moves none the less, team red aint gona put us to the test, there is no doubt we are the best, there has been a transfer that I bet you can’t guess!!!  ‘Gemma Smith’

Day9Brawl4All Marathon Countdown: Hours Away Until we Compete, Get Comfort in Ur Seat, Its Going to be a Hardcore Beat, Red’s the feat Play fair Don’t even think You can Cheat. Winning is what we do, You See Nice & Neat ‘Salma Bi’

More Brawls On Facebook. Pre-Event Promo’s Both Captains had the chance to wear opposite Team Shirts, which confused a few players!


It’s the Sporting year 2012,it’s time to be part of the games we really enjoy and show the world what is possible if you set your mind to it.

Opening Ceremony with 3 Officials leading the way, Captain leading with their teams, Entrance music Jai Ho ‘Pussycat Dolls’. Theme song to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and theme song to Commonwealth Games Delhi 2012.

9am Kick-off-The Clock counted down each hour and as each hour passed. The Hours played were posted up. Facebook Futsal Birmingham had Hourly live Updates of the Score:

1 Hour Played- Team Blue 10 Team Red 9

2 Hours- Team Blue 29 Team Red 12

3 Hours- Team Blue 35 Team Red 20

4 Hours- Team Blue 50 Team Red 32

5 Hours- Team Blue 60 Team Red 44

6 Hours- Team Blue 75 Team Red 52

7 Hours- Team Blue 94 Team Red 67

8 Hours- Team Blue 103 Team Red 74

9 Hours- Team Blue 133 Team Red 87

10th Hour- Team Blue 167 Team Red 100

Highlights – Most Prizes Claimed Jemma Iomi-Connor Every 10th Goal. Prizes Included: Spacehopper, Skateboard, Dvds, Hairstraightner, Vacum, Stool, Slippers and Many More!

Outstanding Goalkeeping -Charlotte Cafferey ‘Charlie Charmer’

100th Goals Scored-Gemma Smith Team Blue. Ania Machowiecka Team Red.

The whole day was very entertaing,Players enjoyed playing on the pitch, and everyone was into score the 10th Goal to grab a Prize.

Drinks and Food was available for the whole day, enough for spectators.

Photographer got some great action shots.

The whole tempo of the game was fanatastic,Both teams enjoyed the challenge of playing for a record of 10 Hours but also enjoyed playing fairly, safely and competitive.

Team Blue may have had a great start with the help of some amazing set-ups and Outstanding Players, however Team Red striking out with young talent didn’t give up and set a target to score there 10th Goal within the final 2 minutes of the Record!

Overall the whole response from each and every player was Overwhelming.

Each Player was represented with A Certificate, Medal and Magazine sponsored by She Kicks. By opposite captains and officials.

I believe it was a very well organised event, everything went perfectly fine, The Girls enjoyed the experience and we set a Record!

Special thanks to Gemma Smith – Women’s Futsal League co-ordinator/coach/Referee, Who supported me throughout the whole process of planning, Promoting and Recruiting Players.

Mad Productions have successfully hosted there first event and can’t wait to host many more in the near Future, since Setting the Record The Girls have enjoyed sharing their experiences, Socialising, Promoting Futsal and Making A Difference.-This wouldn’t have been possible without any of you.

Thank you for stepping up to the challenge. #Believe


OVER £1,000 was raised for a deserving cause from a 10-hour non-stop futsal marathon involving 24 women who united in the name of sport and charity.
The Birmingham International Futsal Arena was the venue for the March 10 event staged in honour of the National Autistic Society.

Two teams – Salma Bi’s Reds and Gemma Smith’s Blues – competed between 9am and 7pm and produced some brilliant futsal full of skill, endeavour, determination and tremendous sportsmanship.

The final outcome was Blues 167 Reds 100 but the score was far less important than the mission statement of the day – raising money for a wonderful charity and also promoting futsal and women’s sport.

Everyone played their part, and let’s not forget either the referees who provided their services throughout the day. Also, all those who helped provide the most wonderful food and refreshments, and also those who supported the event and made plenty of noise, keeping the girls going.

Just a mention of a few stand-out performers.

Player of the day for me was CHARLOTTE CAFFREY (Charlie Charmer) who was simply outstanding in goal for the Reds. I lost count of the number of times Charlie was in a one-on-one situation with a Blues forward bearing down on goal, yet she produced endless brave stops. I would imagine she had a few bruises afterwards – what a hero.

For the Blues, I was amazed by the endless energy and skills produced by JEMMA CONNOR–IOMMI, a lady who plays futsal at a very high level and played with a smile on her face throughout and netted numerous goals.

And what about the youngsters!

I was enthralled by NADIA BACCIOCHI, a young talent who plays for Sutton United. She amazed me with her dragbacks, stopovers and she scored some fantastic goals.

ANYA MACHOWIECKA travelled all the way from Liverpool to take part, having also featured in a men’s futsal record marathon.

Anya proved a classy player, scoring numerous goals – one to watch!

AISHA BI also netted her first hat-trick and was very impressive the way she worked for the team.

LEILA HOPKINS was a “partner in crime” for Jemma, scoring loads of goals and forming a great striking partnership for the Blues.

And GEMMA SMITH looked every inch a footballer. Composed on the ball, conserving energy brilliantly and reminded me of Glenn Hoddle the way she sprayed passes around, an elegant player.

These are just a handful of stand-out players. There were so many others whose names I did not know but totally played their part.

I can only congratulate SALMA BI and GEMMA SMITH for the brilliant way they organised the day. Personally I think the event deserved more support from the public, maybe next time that side of things will be better.

The Futsal Arena is a great venue, spacious and a top facility. Wish we had more places like this in Wales.

To sum it up, the futsal marathon was a tremendous success. We’ve got loads of pictures and are working on a DVD to commemorate the event. This will soon be available.
Thank you for a fantastic welcome. Before I travelled to Birmingham on Saturday morning I had one hero – Salma. Now, I have 24. Take a bow each and every one of you. DAVE JONES – Writer


HERE are the 24 heroes who completed Saturday’s 10-hour non-stop futsal marathon…



























 2) Women’s World Futsal 20 Hours Record 2012

Birmingham’s 2 Biggest Sporting Heroes Pulled off Another Smash hit Event on Saturday 25th August 2012.They set a Record of Hosting the Women’s World Record of Playing Futsal 20 Hours Non-Stop.

Gemma Smith, Birmingham Futsal technical manager and Former under 17 England player – Founder of Sporting Pathways joined in partnership with Salma Bi Worcestershire County Player and Coach, Founder of Sporting Pathways & Believe In Making A Difference

A community Interest Company which-Hosts events to get girls Involved in sports, Raises money for disability Charities, Educates participants & community on disability conditions

Together they hosted their 3rd Event of the Year ‘Women’s Futsal Marathon 20 Hours Record 2012’ Raising money for ‘Cerebral Palsy Midlands’.

Theme TEAM JESS ‘Salma’ vs. TEAM JULES ‘Gemma’ Representing Colours Team LIME vs. Team TANGO went head to head On the REVENGE TOUR.

Special thanks to Cherie Dabbs and Keshia Denny who volunteered in Promoting and assisting with registering the girls for the event.

SheKicks.Net Pro5 Fonehouse and Great White Sharks

A tradition now set by both sporting heroes is A 10-Day Countdown BRAWL4ALL both captains battle it out over facebook fight talk before they meet, aim to create more hype for the event and to get others involved.


SALMA: An effort so poor, put away your claw, still looking a little raw. Your ahead of the game, how could you be so sure? Team LIME has the move that’s got dropping your Jaw.

GEMMA: Your rhymes are making me smile, thinking your team will struggle to walk a mile, you sure you got enough players on your file. To be honest the colour you wear is quite vile, victory will be mine in a short while.

SALMA: My Team is full of overseas, biting on you like fleas. You best prepare some good teas, I heard not all your players have working knees. Start the car now, you got your keys?

GEMMA: It’s that the best you can do, have you forgotten the success of Team blue. Be careful your team don’t fall ill and catch a Flue, Team LIME haven’t got a Clue, we have the best team oh yeah you already knew, this time I think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Saturday 25th August witnessed 33 Young Talented Females Kick-off 4am playing the 20 Hours up until Midnight! The Day began with opening ceremony of both Captains leading the teams.


Team Jess                                     Team Jules

SALMA BI                            GEMMA SMITH

AISHA BI                              GEMMA GOODE







ZOYA SALEH                        JENNY MINTON

DILARA BEGUM                  AMARA ALI




SARA ALI                               MARIA GILDEROY





Salma then awarded the 10Hour Record Trophy to Gemma for Winning 4 months ago at the ‘First Ever Women’s 10 Hour Futsal Marathon.

As 4am Hit the Clock was ticking away to a New World Record, never set before anywhere in the world.

Months of planning and promoting, both organisers knew they need to bring a good volume of girls through nationally. After hosting 2 big events this year already- 10 hour Futsal record & Indoor cricket world cup the girls only could go that one better! However things can occur which are outside anyone’s control, A few drop outs on the day resulted in Team TANGO a few short of players to what was originally set for but this didn’t stop any player doing what they came to achieve.

During the course of the Day-Beverages, Drinks were Available for all Players & Spectators. The atmosphere was overwhelming a very female friendly & family orientated; contributions were handed in by the community.

As the day progressed the level of play became more competitive, it was still anyone’s Games when 10 Hours Passed. Team TANGO were dominating until the 14th Hour and Team LIME swamped in goals that got them ahead by 6 goals. Every 20th Goal was prized and was presented by opposite captains.

Team Lime’s Star Player Emma Dagley Stood out by Far. Team Tango’s Specialist Goalkeeper Gemma Goode stood in Goal of a Record Breaking 13 Hours!

Once snacks were put to good use, Hot Food was provided for lunch followed by pizza in the evening catered by Al-faisals  HYPERLINK “” . As for desserts we had the sweet centre provided by Magic Balloons Services serving Chocolate Fountain, Candy Floss & Popcorn.

Memoirs MUA and Photography-Nazish Choudhry and Martinka Cunderlikova captured some great action shots From Players, Spectators to Balloons. Action clips and Picture Gallery Copies are available for all players.

The Audience filled in close to 4 Hours away of completing a new record. Special Referee Cherie Dabbs injured and on Crutches volunteered to affiliate. Special Thanks to Saty Bharaj & Family who provided excellent catering & display services. 

Even when things got tough the girls carried on pushing-Down & Out Vicky Roe ‘Roadrunner’ & Stacey Coleman was amazing for Team TANGO. Young Star Aisha Bi & Shark Buddy Nazma Shaheen was superb.

100th Goal Scorer: Team Lime Aisha Bi.

100th Goal Scorer: Team Tango Vicky Roe.

In the 14th Hour Team Lime Got Ahead busting it up with a Final Finish

Team Jess 163 Team Jules 114

The National Event Introduced Special Guests from London-Manisha Tailor & Lesley Thurston & Wales-Naela Ahmed.

This was Mad Productions & Sporting Pathways 3rd Event this Year! As promised was Bigger & Better! A charity Fundraiser which raised over £2000!

Money Raised will contribute to-Cerebral Palsy Disability Charity Sports Equip & Sports Room named after Sporting Pathways, with a Team canvas Dedicated to the Centre.

A 20 Hour record banner will be put up at Birmingham Futsal Arena with Picture display.Hoodies will be on sale with copies of images & Action play DVD.

Special Thanks – Gemma Smith (Side-kick), Davy Dolphin: Coast Collective (PA/Journalist), Nav Signs (Designers), Hannah (Trophies/Medals), Cherie Dabbs (T-shirts/Referee), Saty Bharaj (Catering/Balloons), Nazish Choudhry & Martinker Cunderlikova (Photography/Filming), Arshia Riaz (Bbc Wm Radio), Andres Senior (Birmingham Futsal Arena).

Finally Big Thank You to all 33 girls who hold the 20 Hour Champion Record! Well Done! Wouldn’t have been possible without you!

‘You’ve not only set a PATH for others but instead you are MAKING a landmark for the world to remember’

3) Women’s Indoor Cricket T10 World Cup 2012

Hosting one event single handly is a big task but then to go into another big event within the space of only 3 weeks, Sports Awards winner Salma Bi and Believe In M.A.D |Making A Difference| took on the challenge to Host her second event.

10th March we witnessed 24 Girls set a Record of 10 Hours Non-stop Futsal in the *First Ever Women’s Futsal Marathon 10 Hour Record 2012* 10/03/12

A successful event which highlighted Social Involvement and raised money for ‘The National Autistic Society’

Saturday 21st March 2012-Mad Productions were proud to present the ‘Women’s Indoor Cricket T10 World Cup 2012*
Months of Hurdles-Funding issues,Planning,Promotions,Recruiting Players,Finding the most suitable venue,Equipment and Support from Cricket Organistations.

Expecting a Delayed delivery of kit which was designed by someone who is terminally ill, Only finding out a Day before Team West-Indies pulled out of the Tournament and eargely awaiting the new-arrival of baby nephew, Salma knew she was going through a tough phase but it was time to overcome these challenges,she had no choice but knew the show must go on!


Pre-Day:All credit goes to the Women’s League Co-ordinator Gemma Smith for Putting so much effort and time into helping Salma Bi with the Set-up of netting, Signs, Flags and setting up  of all other equipment required for the big day. They say if you are passionate about your time and believe in others than it won’t be long untill you will be living your dreams-charisma.

The day finally arrived-32 Girls @Bham Futsal Arena,Will we pull off something amazing will we be able to run a single cricket match at a Futsal Arena?Are we going to make History? who would have thought T10 Cricket will be first taken on by women at a Ladies Only Event with limited Funding?Only organised by a team of 5 people!

Salma Bi – Host/Organiser, Gemma Smith – Organiser/Promotions, Dave Jones – Charity Fundraiser, Ikhlaq Hussain – Promotions/Equipment, Aisha Bi – Organiser/Communications.
It’s going to be alright in the end,if it’s not alright its not the end.

1st April 2012: Team Squads were announced 10 Days Countdown Begins!

PAKISTAN-Zem Afzal (cptn) Joanne Insley.Farzana Hussain. Zakia Malik.Halima Khan.Tasha Beck.Aisha Ahmed.Shareen Rahim.

AUSTRALIA-Amna Rafiq (cptn) Aisha Bi.Hayley Shaddick.Sophie Molyneux.Sara Ali.Zoya Saleh.Chantel Hunter.Mina Zahoor.

INDIA- Gemma Goode (cptn) Amanda Payne.Gail Collins.Gemma Smith.Hira Jan.Rahima Khan.Hassina Begum.Charlie Charmer.

ENGLAND-Salma Bi (cptn) Maya Vashi.Anisha Bi.Masooma Naqvi.Rahilla Rafiq.Nicky Preston.Camilla Olsen.Myra Faz.

Brawl For All Countdown Specials-

Gemma Smith:Your gona struggle to hit the stumps, your team are gona be sooo scared and get goosebumps, when u lose you are gona be down in the dumps,
 im afraid ur gona have to go out and buy a new pair of pumps :)

Salma BGetting a little mean? We like to keep it clean,its a talent I’ve got since my teen.something you may have not seen. Haven’t you heard? They call me ‘Queen Ov Speen’ ;)

The Day:

The stage is set,Preparations are underway,Volunteers have arrived and shortly after Players are walking through the door to collect kit etc.

Captains allocated there places and players are now formed in teams fo all action to get underway.

Opening Ceremony:

All four captains lead the way with there teams,Captains and Squad Pictures taken in present of Umpires and World Cup Trophy and Medals.

The Mencap team were present to remind of theme for doing this event,raising money for Disabled People and reminding each other how important it is to be doing sports with the ability we have we should cherish and make the most of our capabability, A event open to all abilities so anyone is welcomed to learn and take up new challenges no matter what race, colour or age.

As captains tossed up,Games were ready to play.T10 World Cup Lifted of with Style,Big shots,wickets and big Scores!on and off the pitch players/spectators were enjoying the atmosphere.During breaks players didn’t miss no opportunity to practice on there skills and were itching to play there next games.




Game 3- INDIA 240 V ENGLAND 301 (ENG WIN BY 61 RUNS)






Game 9- ENGLAND 277 V INDIA 278 (IND WIN BY 1 RUN)





ENGLAND                        5              4        1         4

AUSTRALIA                     5              4        1         4

PAKISTAN                        5              1        4         1

INDIA                                 5             1         4        1


Play-Off for 3rd and 4th Place rested now on the PAK V IND Game,Both Captains were given the choice to play a SUPER OVER or BOWL OUT. Pakistan Captain Zem Won the Toss and Chose BOWL OUT.

Pressure was on, Crowd Watching its a noisy atmosphere all for the taking,We’ve had some big 10′s been hit but is this something that will be remembered forever is this the life changing moment when you are given the honour to represent your country, your team, your nation is it time to conquer it all.

witnessing each player take the ball and to aim for the wickets was thrilling stuff,no-matter what the action/technique of the bowler all mattered was the end-result. Pakistan were on top with there 1st point struck by Farzana and then Followed by Joanne. India were yet to strike and unfortunately all 8 girls missed the target,leaving for Pakistan Captain to wrap it with a clean hit winning by 3-0 on the T10 Bowl-Out.



India upsetting the League Table by beating England earlier gave big hope to Australia to steal the Title.

England won the toss for the first time all day and choosed to Bat.

It was a Steady start for the team scoring at a rate of 20 runs per over untill Mina and Amna upset the Batsman by taking 6 wickets in 4 Overs.

England then fought back with consistent batting by Nicky and Anisha, from 7th over to 10th England managed to put on another 50 runs without losing any wickets finishing at a score of 281. A gettable score especially for Australia who were the only team to put on 309 highest score in the T10 World Cup so Far!

For a team to defend any score in the Final took alot of tactics and confident, All eyes on Captain Salma to make the crucial decisions by selecting bowlers wisely and using them effectively. Australia started of very sensibly they looked comfortable on their way to victory with score of 273 in the 7th Over. The next 3 overs mean’t things will change or Australia have this  in the Bag. Captain bringing herself on in the 8th Over up against her Club team mate Mina who troubled Salma earlier with Super spin,it was now the perfect time for the ‘Queen Ov Speen’ to either risk it all for the team or throw the game away. Champions are not made, They are Discovered through bravery, through performance, through camaraderie. Salma did upset the Batsman Amna captain for Australia showed great leadership,a battle to strive for her team to come on top. Taking 3 wickets in the Over,Troubling the batsman was all down to the experience that each player played. Safely bringing the team home, Salma gave the ball to Nicky who then won the Game comfortably for England leaving Australia on 251.

The Women’s T10 World Cup 2012 is now won by England. Champions on the Day and First Ever for T10 cricket! 21/04/12


Before Medals and Certificated were presented, Each captain selected their two most improved players of the day in the team. This not only encourages team work but also raises awarness of development within a player who may have never had much exposure in such a sport previously.

Prize winners were-

Joanne Insley PAK

Halima Khan PAK

Hassina Begum IND

Gemma Smith IND

Aisha Bi AUS

Hayley Shaddick AUS

Rahilla Rafiq ENG

Nicky Preston ENG

10 T10 Games 1 T10 Bowl-out 1 T10 Final,who could have wrote a better script. 32 Girls from all walks of life partcipated in a Event never attempted before,All players were individually allocated into teams to make each team fair so we can experience competetive games as we did. Out of all 32 girls only 10 girls play at club level or higher!

Not only pulling of a big event such as this, The girls successfully raised over another £1000 for Mencap Disability.

Women’s sport deserves recognition, it deserves promotion, it deserves it’s time to set new records to provide for individuals who are yet to grasp the game who are yet to be recognised for there talent who are yet to Make A Difference.

Sporting Pathways Promises to bring more events like to this to the community out there, not just a National event but wants to encourage the activities globally. Over the past two events we have witnessed players travelling from Liverpool, Wales, Yorkshire, Bradford, London and Manchester to partcipate in the Birmingham Events!

Lets hope this is just the start for these high profiled Females, Being open to criticism is being open to the world,If you want to achieve expect hurdles because when they expect from you, all you have to do is deliver


4) World Dodge Ball 2013 Report 

New Year, New You, New Event?!

A theme set by Jess & Jules, Two Prolific Fund-raisers Salma Bi and Gemma Smith spreading their wings when they finally staged their new sporting event. #YouGotGame


Without much funding Sporting pathways still managed to deliver a success, bringing you a sport which is not played much at all in the United Kingdom. Preparations began by booking and making orders for the Day.


Hope House children’s Hospice was the chosen charity in the fourth event, a charity based in North-Wales in Ty/Gobaith. Hope house provides specialist nursing care and support to life-limited children, young people and young adults. Its support extends to the whole family from diagnosis, throughout the lifetime of the child and beyond.


Bringing you three successful events in 2012 mad productions and Sporting Pathways were ready to go that one bigger and better. Since August the girls have enjoyed their success as nominations for Awards in London, Wembley. Winning the AWA Awards in the first ever Sports Category Award, Featuring in a Comedy Interview Sketch with Diary of A Badman and bringing you the New Year’s Countdown  on their new Facebook Like Page In Making A difference:


World Dodge Ball 2013 was announced with Six Teams – Six continents all set to go on January 19th 2013 but the weather got better of us making it risky for teams who were travelling and we had no choice but to postpone the date. All that was left for now was to enjoy was the Movie featuring January 18th on Sky Movies.


A 10 Day Countdown which hypes up the Event BRAWL4ALL was routinely done but we had to post up the 10 days again only to leave the Final Day this time before the new date, February 16th 2013.


  1. Gemma Smith #World Dodge ball Brawl4all Countdown# so the snow has got      the better of us, even with the option of a mini bus, shame but it’s      better to do it another day, I’ll get another date there will be no delay,      for now sit tight in your seat, I know very soon we will meet.      #westillgotgame
  2.      ll Hate.Quick Emergency Rescue its      worth a good Rate, keep on Track you Animals, don’t be Late!      #YouStillGotGame? This Phrase must be Fate Salma Bi World #Dodge      Ball Countdown #Brawl4All Day 9-Not Long now, before we Meet. Forget      History this is a New Sheet. Sit back tight in Ur Seat.You are Prey, It’s      what the Cobras Eat ;)


Ready to raise the roof, we brought in a Bouncy Castle too! The Promotions kicked off with our Video

Teams Announced but in any Event issues should be expected and changes need to be made as soon as possible. Expecting the Worst can only mean things should get easier, Players arrived by 2pm approx. but some players pulled out last minute which left 5 teams to participate instead of 6.


A neutral decision was made by Combining two teams together and then selecting the Captain.

Teams Announced-


1)      American Coyotes

Chantel Hunter

Ily Oulkadi

Shareen Bi

Aman Kaur

Tina Daley Lakeru

Simi Panesar



2)      European Mammoths

Natasha Perry

Saphri Lines

Lucy Harper

Kayleigh Sage

Jo Rawlinson

Kirsty lawie


3)      African Meerkats

Gemma Smith

Gemma Goode

Tami Young

Naiomi Melbourne

Sarah Tucker

Treena Greeves


4)      Arctic Whales

Charlie Charmer

Nicky Preston

Sophie Molyneux

Melissa Pace

Sam Taylor

Beth Poppleton


5)      Asian Cobras

Salma Bi

Aisha Bi

Dilara Begum

Vicky Roe

Saddi Shan

Indy Bharaj


The Australian Kangaroos didn’t make it to the Event but the show must go one!



Our Previous guest players travelling from Manchester, London, Wales and Yorkshire we were delighted to greet The European Mammoths Team all the way from Brighton.


Team Captains in Gear, Referees in the know about Rules, Camera Crew Present, Captains, Team Photos and Dodge Balls on the Centre Line, whistle at the ready and Teams Ready for the Rush!


The games kicked off, each game lasting for 10 minutes and each tea to play a team twice with Leader board updates, Food, drinks, and Action footage all recorded.


Matches were very intense and heart racing, Spectators looked on as Teams Ducked, Danced, Dived, Dodged, and a few matrix and 007 Rolls around the Court. No Head Shots counted but that didn’t stop the opponents from behaving like Animals. Teams were lashing out on each other in the hope to wipe out full 6 players for elimination or just to survive for a draw if they had more players still live on the court. Each team produced some great talent!


American Coyotes were the survivors of the Jungle who held onto the Dodge Balls.

European Mammoths looked like a well prepared Professional Dodge Ball Team.

African Meerkats chose to split up in 2 packs that sneaked upon the opponents.

Asian Cobras were busy shuffling, attempting a Slam Dunk that went wrong.

Arctic Whales Mixed up Players who sent out bait to the centre line and attacked from behind.


A Player of the Event Performance came from African Meerkats Naiomi Melbourne who was last man standing against the Asian Cobras a 4 vs. 1 Match were she tackled her way through and managed to eliminate the opposing team!


A mixture of tactics, Fun and Arm breaking throws with superb efforts of surviving to qualify for the Semi Finals.


RESULTS after Each Team playing 8 Games

ASIAN COBRAS 90                           4TH PLACE

ARCTIC WHALES 320                      2ND PLACE

AMERICAN CAYOTES 55                 5TH PLACE

AFRICAN MEERKATS 270               3RD PLACE



It was the end of the trail for American Coyotes standing in 5th Place who wasn’t last just not strong enough for the bigger beasts.

Captains were offered a 3 Man Elimination Match or 10 Minute Clock down Match.

Referees agreed to stick with 10 Minutes which was then declared by points attained each game.


Semi-Final 1 European Mammoths vs. African Meerkats


A very Intense game The African Meerkats showed true determination with a whole team effort but The European Mammoths were in full control of their land, Dodging Balls and taking catches forcing the Meerkats into Elimination.



Semi-Final 2 Arctic Whales vs. Asian Cobras


A match that was vital for both Teams, Guaranteed place into the final all it took was a bite out the opponent. Nobody would have thought this but in the 10 Minute Match Arctic Whales were eliminated only to make a comeback and eliminate the Asian Cobras with 2 seconds to spare!

Referees offered captains for a Sudden Death or another 10 Minute Match and both agreed on another gritty gruelling 10 minute match. All for glory both teams attacked when possible, The Arctic Whales looked strong with 5 minutes still remaining and now in a 2 vs. 1 player situation. Aisha fought her way through trying her best to survive the electrifying blows from Nicky and Sophie, Chances were slim as the Cobras chanting take a catch for help began by doing the Mexican Wave in the hope of inspiration. With still a minute remaining The Cobras were no size for the destruction of the Whales as Sophie landed a full blown throw to the final Cobra still standing.


Final European Mammoths vs. Arctic Whales


The Game that depends on the World Dodge Ball Trophy Championship, A game for Survival of the Fittest and it was still anyone’s game with two hard hitting teams who both earlier in the rounds did beat each other once each. The time ticked away and both teams began battle, with 3 minutes remaining only 2 players each side were out but soon the European Mammoths attacked their prey and came out on top. Arctic Whales held on long enough but not enough to win, a Mammoth of a battle which ended with First Ever Women’s World Dodge Ball 2013 Crowned Winners

EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS! Natasha Perry leading the team to victory deserved the Title for all day they showed charisma and team work.



Another Event Complete! We successfully hosted a Sporting Day all for a good cause. A big Thank You to all S&S Group for assisting me with Footage, Sue with catering, Aisha and Supernova setting up, Trophy Shop for the Trophies and Medals, Referees for their commitment and My Side Kick Jules for supporting me from start to finish!

 As promised each player received a medal and certificate with a Captains Players Prize


Prize SIMI PANESAR – Best arm in the Team, Most Players Eliminated.


Prize AISHA BI – taking on a 2 vs. 1 Battle in the Semi-Final


Prize NAIOMI MELBOURNE – Eliminating a Team on her own on a 4 vs. 1 Battle


Prize BETH POPPLETON – For a consistent performance leading her team into the Finals



Prize SAPHRI LINES – Player of the Day and the Force behind the team!


The Day finished with the best result that was possible, raising money for a good cause, encouraging girls/women to participate in National Sporting Events and Setting a new Record by Hosting a Sport no one has yet attempted!


World Dodge Ball is now a sport that will be played by more groups in the UK and give sporting pathways something more proud of, A Sport were you are the Target and without this wouldn’t be possible!


Thank You!

 5) Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2012* 21.04.12


Salma Bi and Gemma Smith who are well known as Jess and Jules once again accomplished another successful Event! After Hosting ‘World Dodge Ball 2013’ in February the sidekicks returned in their Annual Cricket Event this time within less than a month to prepare and recruit players the Duo proved how serious they take their Sporting Events-Hosting now the 5th Event since Sporting Pathways was launched The girls are Making A Difference by bringing versatile Record Events under banner of MAD Productions.

Who else better then Award-winning Worcestershire County Cricketer Salma Bi can bring together 30 Girls from all walks of life to participate in a sport which they don’t always have the opportunity to take part in, out of the 30 Females only 9 were professional cricketers. The events aim to create social impact and to raise player profiles by getting them into the Game.

Regardless of last minute drop-outs and changes within the second day of launching the Event approx. 40 girls signed up to play no doubt the volume after last year’s successful T10 World Cup Event in March.

Four Teams announced-


Amira Butt (Captain), Sophia Rashid, Aaliyah Ahmed (WALES U 11’s), Zubia Mughal, Sarah Cole, Chanel Caffe and Naela Ahmed (HAWARDEN CC)


Mina Zahoor (Captain WARWICKSHIRE U 19’s) Aisha Bi, Vicky Roe, Simi Panesar (WARWICKSHIRE U 19’s), Beth Poppleton, Jenn Bythway and Natasha Kelly.


Salma Bi (Captain WORCESTERSHIRE WOMEN), Olivia Tew (WORCESTERSHIRE U 19’s), Charlie Charmer, Nicky Preston (FIVEWAYS CC), Saddi Shan, Karen Moroll and Amanda Payne.


Halima Khan (Captain), Shareen Rahim, Chantel Hunter, Rahima Khan, Gemma Smith, Joanne Insley, Indie Bharaj (HARBORNE CC), Kerry Walker

Teams were equally allocated making the journey from WALES, MANCHESTER and LONDON and for the very first time a young girl AALIYAH AHMED participated in the World Cup, Aged only 10 who Represents WALES Under 11’s County daughter of NAELA AHMED astounded the spectators with her textbook batting shot selections and for her well known off-spin bowling. Another Young Solihull Ladies Footballer SADDI SHAN nominated for the Asian Football awards 2013 was amongst the 30 Female stars that went head to head to play for the World Cup in a Charity Fundraising Event for NSPCC.

Each Team played 3 Games which declared Top Two Teams to meet in the FINALS


MATCH 1 AUSTRALIA V INDIA (AUS 265 Beat IND 244 by 21 Runs)

MATCH 2 ENGLAND V PAKISTAN (ENG 286 Beat PAK 199 by 87 Runs)

MATCH 3 AUSTRALIA v PAKISTAN (AUS 279 Beat PAK 225 by 54 Runs)

MATCH 4 ENGLAND V INDIA (ENG 260 Beat IND 209 by 51 Runs)

MATCH 5 INDIA v PAKISTAN (IND 254 Beat PAK 240 by 11 Runs)

MATCH 6 AUSTRALIA v ENGLAND (AUS 277 Beat ENG 276 by 1 Run)

Table-                   P             W            L              Points

AUSTRALIA        3              3              0             30

ENGLAND           3              2              1              20

INDIA                    3              1              2              10

PAKISTAN          3              0             3              0


During the Interval a change was made instead of playing straight into play-offs, we decided to combine teams to play a Friendly (Inspired by Olivia Tew)


3rd and 4th Play offs INDIA V PAKISTAN

Pakistan meets India once again a rival game in the previous game Pakistan lost by 11 Runs. Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first-Opening pair Amira Butt and Sophia Rashid made a steady start followed by big hitters Zubia Mughal and Sarah Cole, However wickets fell not once but 3 times when Indie Bharaj was the first and only bowler to take a Hat trick securing 10 runs for her team before they even stepped out to bat! With the help of safe hands Jo Insley India held Pakistan to a score of 248. Not a big score but anything was still possible India led by Halima Khan began the chase with the support of Chantel Hunter. The Teams met last year who finished in a Bowl-Out with Pakistan Beating India however Tables were turned and India made it to 3rd Place quite comfortably at a score of 257 Beating Pakistan by 9 Runs.



England 2012 Indoor T10 World Cup Champions it was time for the Big Match. Winning the Toss England went into bat, Opening Pair Salma Bi and Karen Morall made a positive start getting runs almost every ball. Best catch of the Day by Vicky Roe who took a blinder with one hand. Both teams were evenly matched The Champions sent in pairs who put runs on with Nicky finishing the innings on 279 however losing so many wickets in the process England’s Total was 263. A score yet again which was gettable but could England take the pressure and keep Australia at bay? Opening pair Aisha Bi and Vicky Roe kept their eyes open making no mistakes helped the Aussies to a good start. Big Talker Batsman Beth Poppleton did some talking with her bat as the only one to hit a 10! The excitement didn’t last when second ball reply Beth was Clean Bowled to Salma’s quicker delivery. Consistent Bowling by Saddi Shan and Olivia Tew kept England in a chance for a win until County Pair Simi Panesar and Mina Zahoor stepped in and played to perfection. With 3 overs to spare Australia were promised the Title, all England required now was wickets but over-throws and missed run-outs didn’t do them justice. Australia’s final score 279 which at one stage England reached, this time taking no risk of close finish Australia Beat England by 16 Runs.


The better team deserved the Cup and the Team that took the pressure well, became the Champions. A good all-round performance by all teams, the intensity was there throughout the Day and what was more positive to see how each team worked together to achieve a win. Each individual took away something from the day; either it was a Medal, Trophy or the experience of playing cricket and meeting sporting personalities just like them. Umpires where thanked for their dedication for the day and then Captains most Improved Players Prizes where selected-

AUSTRALIA- Beth Poppleton All Round Performance

INDIA-Indie Bharaj Hat trick Wicket

PAKISTAN-Aaliyah Ahmed Youngest Player

ENGLAND-Karen Moroll Good Sportsmanship


We host events to encourage more and more girls to try different sports not only by making it fun but making it worth fighting for. Special thank you to new partners S&S Indoor Cricket Centre assisted with setting up the Arena providing Netting etc. It does take a lot to Launch a new Record and then to Host an Event, participate and make sure each individual can benefit from the Sport. It’s been an eventful journey and we can’t Thank You enough! As promised we’ve set records like no other, took on challenges and raised profiles, which only means we can only go bigger and better!

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.


6) Women’s World Dodge Ball 2014

Saturday 25th January the 2nd Annual Event of ‘Women’s World Dodge Ball 2014′ Sporting Pathways Hosting and yet again pulling off another successful Event!
Team Asian Cobras, Volunteers and Award Winner Salma Bi set out on Hosting this Event with the aim once again to Make A Difference.
With five events already hosted by Sporting Pathways it’s now back to business again with Dodgeball, a sport particularly big in the United States which involves players on two teams trying to throw large balls at each other while avoiding being hit themselves.
Last year saw the European Mammoths crowned 2013 champions at the inaugural Birmingham event.

Salma said: “We were delighted to greet teams from Manchester, London, Wales and Yorkshire, as well as the European Mammoths all the way from Brighton.

“Natasha Perry led the team to victory and deserved the title for all day they showed charisma and team work.

Five Teams Entered all made there way to the Arena in Birmingham, Welcoming last years Players and New faces new to the Whole Experience of Such Events and Opportunities.
Teams Entered -
AMERICAN CAYOTES- Tina Lakeru, Meherun Begum, Chantel Hunter, Shareen Rahim, Sara Kazi and TehzeenSadiq.
ASIAN COBRAS-Dilara Begum, Saddiqa Shan, Aisha Bi, Jade Lapthorne, Bernie Mullochacy and Salma Bi.
ARCTICWHALES-Bethany Poppleton, Nicky Preston, RanieshaAmbersely, Mina Zahoor, SimranPanesar and IllyOulkadi.
EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS-Lucy Harper, Anna Burgoyne, Becky Scott, Jo Rawlinson, Kirsty Lawie and Eva Ramsay.
AFRICAN MEERKATS-Hayley Shaddick, Tasha Beck, Rachel Bird, Shirley Finucane, Sue Benson and Nicola Campbell.
The Atmosphere was alive and kicking, with Referees aware of all rules, Admin desk in preparation and Teams Raring to go to Claim the Title! A short Presentation started with Salma highlighting the Rules and Cause for the day. Food and Supplements available throughout the day and a Bouncy Castle for the ones to ease the adrenaline.
Islam Channel and DigiCreations were on site Filming and taking all action shots, Captains took there places in the Presentation for Photographs and then each with own Teams. All games were played with high intensity per 10 minutes each. The Final Play offs and semis were based on ‘Sudden Death’ Matches which was newly introduced this Year.
The day then followed by a total of 30 Players, 25 Games, 4 Sudden Deaths, 2 semi-Finals, 1 Final and New #WORLDDODGEBALL2014 Winners #ARCTICWHALES
Results as Followed–
Points for Play Offs
Play off 4th Place
Sudden Death-AMERICAN CAYOTES BEAT AFRICAN MEERKATS to secure there place in the Semi-Finals
Semi Finals
Asian Cobras looked immense playing in the Semis making a dream start eliminating 3 opponents in no time, The cobras lost only player whilst the Mammoths were 5 Down!! Only one more step away from the Final but Heroic efforts by Mammoths Player KIRSTY LAWIE Causing the Cobras trouble she not only managed to eliminate 2 more Cobras but also take a catch achieving a team mate  back into play, before anything else was possible the Mammoths demolished the Cobras making an amazing come back, spectators were in shock!
The coyotes who spend most of match time far away from the centre line, teasing opponents to edge forward and risk it all. However their luck soon ran out against the Whales who made it easy work of winning the Sudden death Match.  Hats of to the coyotes who made a progress from last years stats. The American coyotes not only got into semis but also bagged another match this time up against Asian Cobras for the 3rd Place Play off, with result of Asian Cobras winning and taking 3rd place.
A 10 minute thriller, two deserving teams made it into the Finals. From playing each team twice, to sudden deaths and Semis it come down to another gruelling 10 minute match. Spectators and other teams looked on as both teams took there places for the opening rush only awaiting on the Referees Whistle to Blow. Arctic Whales lost two players very early on, with Mammoths former Champions taking no victims looked lethal however the game wasn’t as predictable as we thought. As each team mate was Out and eliminated only two Captains remained Bethany Poppleton vs. Lucy Harper now a good contest only they knew what it is like taking leadership and carrying the team to victory. With 2 Minutes still remaining Lucy was eliminated, The Whales got themselves a Point. Restarting once again the Mammoths battled hard to win back a point, whilst the Whales kept calm not taking any risks secured themselves the New Title Winners!!
What a Day?! What a Final? Perfect Play and some superb results much that wasn’t as expected, The Teams were more competitive this year which made it even more worthwhile playing. Some Highlights throughout the day
NICOLA BROWN African Meerkats Player to cool for school on attempt of running backwards fell over and was then Attacked and of course eliminated.
SUE BENSON Took on the Arctic Whales on a one man mission and eliminated the opponents, however on the second set of play the Arctic Whales wasted no time and eliminated her within seconds!
SADDIQA SHAN A double team throttle as Salma tossed the ball up to find Saddiqa Catch the ball and Eliminate remaining player SARA KAZI in the American Coyotes team.
HAYLEY SHADDICK The Only Captain to gain 4 Sets in a Game against American Coyotes but they still finished 5th Place?!
KIRSTY LAWIE Player of the Event, For not only being the last man standing but to eliminate at least 4 Cobras at the Semi Finals regaining a place in the Final and finishing 2nd Place over all.
Medals, Certificates and Trophies were presented to each team with Captain leading.
5th Place AFRICAN MEERKATS A brave team which took the most risks and weren’t afraid for a Live Brawl on the Pitch
4th Place AMERICAN COYOTES The Night Watchmen who seemed less agile but enjoyed making into the Semis
3rd Place ASIAN COBRAS Pure Entertainment with trick shots and slides they celebrated each elimination as if they already won?!
2nd Place EUROPEAN MAMMOTHS Ruthless and Tactical, Reigning champions were hungry for the title which slowly slipped away
1st Place ARCTIC WHALES A composed and Athletic Team look well equipped to battle hard for the Championship.
Special Thanks to Farzana Hussain, Sajid Mahmood, Naem, Reuben and Media Partners for Supporting Sporting Pathways on the Day and Special Thanks to each individual who not only participated, volunteered, supported but help raised funds for a good cause.
A final speech by ARCTIC WHALES Winning Captain Bethany Poppleton  
‘I had high expectations of the day, not only the great competition but the atmosphere and great cause it was supporting. However, I had no doubt that due to us losing out in the Finals last year, we were not only going to make the same mistake twice but this time claim the Trophy. The Event for us started the same way as it ended, we won every match and only dropped two points throughout the whole day. The consistency of Nicky Preston’s catching and the accuracy of SimranPanesars aim were great assets to our teams performance. The day did what was expected and that was to strive and victory came to us, I was very happy that I was able to Captain the side to a great victory and we look forward to defending the Title NEXT YEAR!’
Tribute Video to Follow and the Sporting Pathways Team look forward to bringing you even bigger and better Events in the coming future!
We’ve loved all the feedback received and we can’t wait to create more opportunities for Women in Sport in New and Bigger Record!

7) Womens Indoor T10 Cricket WorldCup 2014

8) Men’s  Indoor T10 Cricket World cup 2014

MadProductions have successfully hosted 6 National Events. SportingPathways Co-Founder Salma Bi took a twist in the Turn this Spring! Inspired by The Promotion of the AsiaCup & T20 WorldCup Salma decided to challenge herself once again, Hosting Two T10 Cricket Events Salma decided to not only bring back the 3rd Annual Event but also for the first time in History Host The Mens Indoor T10 Cricket WorldCup2014, Set to host both 6th & 7th Events back to back with a Family FunDay Weekend.  As intial steps began on Planning Sporting Pathways decided to Raise Money to renovate a School in Pakistan, Sohail Mughal headteacher for Read Foundation School decided this will be life changing to provide for a less fortunate school which provides Education for Orphan Children. Both Salma & Sohail agreed how big or small the donation is dedicated for the School to create better facilities or to provide equipment for the designated School. The build up began with plenty of PR work which Involved Guesting on the Saima Ajram Show-BBC Asian Network, Attending Muslim Womens Network International Womens Day Talk, Muslimah Role Models as well as Advertising on Unity Fm & running a Sports Relief Coaching Day. Sporting Pathways have so far set a Excellent record of providing opportunity to all abilities in partcipation into Sports. With this mind set the theme was great just before the cricket season commences & whilst both Men’s & Womens’s T20 World Cup Tournament was taking place in Bangladesh It was a perfect time to get more people into Cricket & achieve new goals in life. It was a privelidge for Salma as she was given the opportunity to deliver a Talk at the Sports Marketing Network Conference, which helped Sporting Pathways to get involved in other Projects & to share more of what the company delivers. A feature in Birmimgham Mail & A IslamChannel feature of Sporting Pathways previous World DodgeBall event created some hype & attracted new audience, setting a #GameFace Trailer with a BoomBoom Bat Sporting Pathways always enjoy taking a more comical approach to the Events. Missing out on a Invite to Lords for the Asian Cricket Awards was something Salma would’ve loved to attend however With the concept of looking for new talent & raising profiles it was a perfect Goal for partcipants attending the Event. Six Weeks of planning & delegating work load was a steady journey, Read Foundation aimed to attract a younger crowd hence marketing for a Family Funday whilst Sporting Pathways attracted not only the usual suspects but on a bigger scale new players & Male Teams. Saturday 5th April saw 27Women with Captains & Team Lists as Follows- as always its a pleasure to see players travel down to the Event. Players attending arrived as far as from London, Yorkshire, Walsall & Wales. 4 Teams & Captains as Follows- Scores & Results as below- Prize Winners- Winners-    Australia T10 100% Wins & deserving Champions now running 2 in a Row! We Loved the Selfie & Poses. Sunday 6th April catered for 24 Men to have partcipating in A MadProductions Event & ready to make History!  Being it a First of its kind its always a risk of who will attend & who will be up for the Challenge? Having only 3 Teams on the Day, it became almost a Tri-Series which worked out perfect! Travelling from Cardiff Team WestIndies T10 played the 1st Fixture vs South Africa results- Prize Winners- Winners- West Indies T10 Another Record of 100% Wins & Dominating the Game of T10 Style Cricket! Overall another Successful Welkend, 2 Back to Back Events which not only made history but raised a reasonable amount for the School. Its a challenge to get people away from the Television to get involved but its a must to keep active too, Sporting Pathways bring not only a Community together but create a path for each partcipant that attends.Players either walk away with experience, new friends or a Medallion they once thought they would never get the opportunity to achieve. We don’t rule anyone out & cater for all, we are greatful for the continued support! On this Note a Special ThankYou to The Read Foundation Team & Volunteers, Guests Ex England Player Suzanne Redfern & Shiekh Hameed, Security & Boys for stepping into play to fill the gaps, ThankYou to Umpires, Stall Holders & Spectators but most importantly ThankYou to You for not only partcipating in the Event but believing you can compete & achieve new goals in life!
Raising a fantastic £8,000 in Donations with £650 in Teachers Bonuses Salma had the pleasure of Visiting the School straight after the Event.
Salma’s enjoyed the day observing Teachers running teaching lessons to over 6 Classes to over 25Children per classroom, Led by Principal Sohail, Salma realised how much work is required in this School. Cramped rooms only benches and minimum teaching equipment available. The Children have great potential who aspire to become Doctors, Lawyers and even Pilots! we need to encourage this for life.
We can’t wait to get the renovation project started and hope to see a better future for these children, We found 4 labour Children who were taken in were found working in hotels washing dishes as young as 6 years old. Lives have been changed but more is yet to be done. Once certain children reach a certain age they stop going school which we need to prevent and this can only be achieved if we can keep this local school and provide better facilities.
Once all is finalised the School will take up to 5 months to be rebuilt and both Salma and Sohail will continue to create more and more funding so each year the School meets its targets and most importantly continue to provide vital education for the Children.