‘Jess & Jules’


Salma Bi

Jess aka Thelma a scrubs workaholic open to criticism, never afraid to show off her nashers. A role model to her 2 Faves Aisha Bi and Anisha Bi, Whalmy enjoys making social announcements, organizes and sends out all press release. A young freckled faced Asian girl grew up playing in the parks alongside her brothers, not afraid to get her nails dirty, full of adrenaline Sally Anne is always on the go never missing out on a opportunity to land her karate chops no matter what position she is playing in for The Great White Sharks Futsal Team.

A University Graduate now a Dictator when it comes to ordering a posh nosh meal. Without failure updates and reports back to Jules at the Headquarters, especially when The Curse of the Nemesis is about. Proud captain of Team Red, Team Lime and England T10 Cricket Team, Jess isn’t far behind hitting them up at the BRAW4ALL Facebook fight talk battle offs. Pants at Golf, Handling Slush or keeping a serious face, however still finds the time to wind up a few people up when Business is down. Full of imagination taking a comical approach, Sal always gets the best out of others.

The sidekick who knows when to take the right approach, looking fresh for the Cameras at the Glitz Awards. Thelma looks carm and ready and works the situation well before making any groovy moves. Doing more for others no matter what Injury she is suffering, Face paint doesn’t always go down well. Loves traveling she can be in Wales one day and Portsmouth the next, London is her City she calls home!

An Award winning Girl who still feels there is so much more to achieve rather then just the Trophies and Medals itself. A Cricketer and now a Footballer supporting her girls to make the most of now, Jess is not one to get down so easily she only sees positive and what helps her get through is the Philosophy with the quotes she can speak. ‘There is no Success without Failure’ Sally isn’t perfect but she knows she still has plenty to work on, whether that be Sports, Filming, Events or even making time for her Homies. The Queen Ov Speen loves coming up with Crazy Character names such as Roadrunner, Chabhangra, Russian Roulette, The Payne and Chan the Moving Wall.

A big lover for interaction, front line entertainment with Images and Videos. A party girl but also the kind of person prefers no company to herself, everyday is complete with a run in the back yard. a time to herself, a time to appreciate life, a time to prepare for the next day. Diary of a Bad girl ready to Toilet Role-play still trying to get it to the T, not afraid to still discover what she is capable of doing but enjoying her time Busting it Up, Boom Boom!



Gemma Smith

Jules Aka Louise and many more! Early bird, busting it up with hitting the Gemnasium.Running is what she loves every morning, a time to herself a time to work on her Kiera looks. Gemma’s daily exercise involves Coaching, Managing and Climbing up ladders hanging up cable tags. A Music and Food lover who just doesn’t know how to say No.Life is like Gemanji -full of Nutscullys, Tracking devices and witnessing people with only one Ear?

G Star grew up playing football at school and later took her first step to join grassroots football at a Sports Center. The Stars for Gemini turned and before we knew it, Our Gaffer was selected for England Under 17′s Football Squad. A proud moment in history, however the G Force got too much for our blue eyed lass. It was this turning point when Jules became the walker, not as a Quitter but a Fighter in her Goal Keeping Gear.

Jules enjoyed the safer Fame-Bobby Moore Style, enough of the Politics but this was when she gave back to the Community. A time to shine then ever before, A time to play for Cottage Farm Football Club and prove anybody can achieve and carry on with life without no regrets.

Sidekick Gemrena spends her life now working at the main Futsal Arena, plenty of Busy late shifts, making customer announcements, tackling trespassers and at the ready to know what approach to take. Standing 6ft Tall Gemma has captained Team Blue and Team Tango. Jules first appeared on screen, well on radio in front of a stranger in the corner waiting to depart? We heard ‘Tell Us All’ and this was the moment for Gemma to show the world her talent of impersonating voices, best was Nasal Payne all she did was stick toilet roll up her nasal.
21st April witnessed by the millions, as the earth stood still, Team Gemindia was running up in her turn in the Bowl-Out against Mighty Pakistan at the T10 Cricket World Cup. The Heat was up, Pressure on, Crowd chanting and only one final attempt for India to take the stage. Just like a slow moving Bullet, Gemindia fired in her ball. Unsure if it was a Yorker or a Bouncer. The ball never reached the stumps it moved in such a direction, it left many whip-lashed and still today it remains a mystery were did the World Cup Ball finish? The Hype of the World Cup, Hype about the Bowl-Out Gem never fails to reply back to ‘Whats the Crack Bruv’ Question.
Life brings you many joys, many lessons as for Jules it brought her many Nauses, These are characters she describes as the people who not only run her down asking what knee? They also get her through and keep her M6 Toilet Rolling. However as things do get too much she takes options i.e Press 1 for a New Nose, Press 2 for a New Face etc. Jules can easily set up and gets things prepared but if you ask her, she just wouldn’t know how to describe what she’s done. doesn’t enjoy being put on the spot but when she’s in her prime, The Brawls just roll of her tongue.
Always aware of her camera radar, Jules never fails to pull a face. Louise loves coaching she claims its what dreams are made of! Getting away for a Break is always on the cards too.

Theme Bollywood Jules Guested for a Awards Evening, a Eventful evening which topped it with our Gemira running into the Wembley stadium with a Argos bag over her shoulder. The onlookers were astonished to what they were witnessing, Never seen some one run so quick to change back in there trackies, it was only then people recognized who Gemma was.

The whole night passed and nobody recognized Jules in her Bollywood attire with her Afro hair do. On the Rail tracks with her blue hood up,on the up and still standing as Jules would say this is her ‘Icing on the Cake’.