Salma Bi


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SALMA began playing cricket aged 10 alongside her brothers and father.
The sport has influenced many Asian families and at the time of the World Cup being showcased Salma was only ever going to pick it up and implement the art.
Watching one of her role-models Shane Warne, Salma over time mastered the off-spin using her unique unorthodox spin. At secondary school she was captain of her team which got her recognised for county trials. Because she was not playing for a club, however, Warwickshire did not select Salma over many years of trials.
Aged 20, Salma joined Five Ways Old Edwardians Cricket Club and over time she became not only leading wicket taker but the Colts under-15s girls coach.
Aged 22, Salma made history by trialing for Worcestershire County Cricket Club and she was became the first, and to date only, Asian Muslim female to represent the county in their long history.
Now a regular, Salma has become key player in a team full of talent and has helped push Worcestershire towards the Division Two County Championship.
Last season Salma was third highest wicket-taker in the club – the top two were men because they played a few extra games.
Salma has taken over 170 wickets in the last five years of playing cricket and has no intention of stopping yet. Her bowling is watched by many and she claims she’s not yet witnessed anyone who can bowl just like her!
Salma was enjoying not only playing high-level cricket, she also wanted to teach it to others so took up coaching courses. As the highest Level 2 cricket coach, Salma has been a vital asset to the Warwickshire County Cricket Board and has also given expert tuition under her own coaching initiative.
She was also the only girl on the ECB umpires course, but since successfully passing Level 1, Salma has enjoyed standing in county games, proving women should not just fit in, but stand out.
Her determination and bravery has paid off. The confidence of playing cricket, coaching and umpiring has made her excel in many ways.
Salma can only deliver so much more, with the impact she has on the community.
Apart from playing county cricket, Salma has turned up for all club games for the women’s and men’s teams at Five Ways Old Edwardians. Being a useful player is always an advantage when assisting a new Development side and coaching what she’s put into practise.
Salma plays for two men’s club teams as the only girl member, enhancing all her chances to perform at the toughest levels possible.
In 2012, Salma made an appearance for a T20 side and hit a best 34 not out in five overs with non-stop fours and sixes. She finished with career best figures of 5-13 off four overs for North Wales club Hawarden Park’s T20 team. Also in 2012, she took four wickets for Worcestershire for the first time. Sometimes all it takes is to get a little boost and the whole team will gain confidence.
Salma also plays for MCC representative sides who combine together as a team of county players, ex-England players and overseas players to play against other counties, clubs, schools, universities and academies. All games involve paying to play, so one can imagine how much it costs to buy kit, fund travelling and teas. Perhaps it all comes down to commitment and passion.
When Salma isn’t in the firing line she has supported her younger sister Anisha, who represents Warwickshire under 17′s county side.
Salma still fits in her coaching and umpiring every week where possible.
Salma’s other younger sister Aisha was recently selected for West Bromwich Albion Football Club’s Scholarship Programme. These are exciting and hectic times but nothing is stopping these girls from doing what they love!
The three sisters also compete alongside each other for The Great White Sharks Futsal team – the only Asian women’s Futsal team in the history of the Birmingham League and now in their third season. She is proud to have captained the team with her goal-keeping and leadership skills.
Salma also recently joined Birch Coppice Bullets Football Club, who play 11-a-side Sunday football, alongside her sister Aisha. Twitter @aisha_bi
Salma is also founder of cricket coaching venture Believe in M.A.D (Making a Difference).
Along with Gemma Smth, the pair have hosted fhe first-ever 10-hour and 20-hour women’s non-stop futsal marathons, as well as the Women’s Indoor Cricket T10 World Cup during 2012. These three big events took place in Birmingham.
Not only did these events help girls get into sports, they also educated the them about charities money was raised for. Running an event without any funding, Salma still managed to raise over a £1,000 each for The National Autistic Society and Mencap Disability.
A young girl, talented and creative has caused a quite a stir. Salma has been up against many barriers being Muslim – fitting in, not having the facility to practise and starting at a older age, but Salma has no regrets.
Her recent work has created opportunities to possibly work in Dubai to set-up and manage the first women’s Emirates Cricket Board Squad. As a volunteer for the 2012 Olympics trials in the Girls4Gold event, Salma met some amazing people which not only inspired her. but made her so much more stronger as a person.
Aged 23, Salma won the British-Asian Sports Outstanding Achievement Award for her tremendous contribution to cricket which made her feel her life story was now worth telling after all the hardship she has been through. Aged 26, Salma then won the first-ever Sports Award at The Asian Women of Achievements Awards 2012.
Since winning the Asian Women of Achievement Sport Award in May, Salma feels even more confident about setting more records and will reveal what other sports she looks forward to promoting for girls. These include a fund-raising World Dodgeball Championship early in 2013.
The above profile tells only half of who Salma is. When she isn’t performing, coaching, umpiring or hosting big world record attempts, Salma works as a full time haemodialyisis renal adult nurse in a Birmingham hospital at the main renal unit which delivers care to in and out-patients.
Working as a qualified nurse for over three years, she has once again proven two vital careers can be juggled and combined in a way that not only have an impact on her life but for others around her.
A role-model of the 21st century who is achieving whilst she still has the ability to do so – that is Salma Bi.

Roles and Achievements of Salma Bi

· Warwickshire Level 1 Umpire

· Warwickshire Level 2+ Coach

· Worcestershire County Cricket Club Senior Women’s Squad Player

· Marylebone Cricket Club Representative Player

· Five Ways Old Edwardians Cricket Club Women’s & Men’s 3rds Player

· Wall Cricket Club Men’s Squad Player

· Tamworth Ladies Cricket Squad Player

· Hawarden Park Cricket Club Squad Player

· Great White Sharks Futsal Team Captain & Goalkeeper

· Fiveways Zombies Indoor Cricket Captain

· Birch Coppice Football Club player

*Football Futures Goal Keeper

· British-Asian Sports Awards 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

· Asian Women of Achievement inaugural Sports Award Winner 2012

· British-Asian Sports Award 2010 Coach of the Year Runner-up

· Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation Ambassador Awards Runner-up 2012

· OSCA’s Nat west Volunteer of the Year Award 2012 Building Partnerships

Bradford Inspirational Women’s Awards 2013 Nominee

· Heamodialysis Renal Adult Nursing

· Believe In MAD |Making A Difference| Founder

· Sporting Pathways Co-Founder (Community Interest Company)

· Hosted First Ever Women Futsal Marathon 10-Hour Record 2012

· Hosted Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2012

· Hosted Women’s Futsal Marathon 20-Hour Record 2012

 *Hosted World Dodge Ball 2013

* Hosted Women’s Indoor T10 Cricket World Cup 2013